More political correctness taking our country away from its founding fathers' intentions.

Recently it was learned that a lawsuit was brought in Florida demanding that theme parks provide signage in Spanish.

A wrongful death lawsuit was brought the family of a Guatemalan family against Universal Orlando Resort. 

It seems that Jose Calderon Arana, who previously had a heart condition, suffered a fatal heart attack two years ago after riding the "Reign of Kong" ride.

Although it was not reported how long Mr. Arana had been in the U.S., it was reported that he did not speak English. And the lawsuit says that Universal was negligent by not displaying warning signs in Spanish.

"Universal was aware of the great number of tourists on their premises who do not speak English," the lawsuit stated. And the family's attorney, Lou Pendas, said it's not unreasonable to have ride warning signs in English, Spanish and French so visitors can make informed decisions about whether they should go on the ride. Orlando was the most visited destination in 2017.

While it is almost impossible to know the percentage of visitors that come from outside the U.S., Orlando's 6.2 million of 72 million visitors were from outside the country. Of that, 900,000 were from three Spanish-speaking countries in Latin America – Mexico, Argentina and Columbia, with another 820,000 that came from Portuguese-speaking Brazil.

I, for one, am beyond tired of those who do not assimilate into the American culture even when they have been in the U.S. for a number of years, legally and illegally.

When my grandparents came from Sicily, Napoles, Sweden and England, they learned the English on the boats coming over. They were excited at the prospect of becoming a U.S. citizen. And they fully intended to assimilate into the American culture. 

And when they reached the U.S. they had to have a sponsor and if they did not find work, the sponsor supported them until they did.

Today, sponsors are a thing of the past. Instead, American taxpayers support those who either can't find work or won't even look for it. And in many cases, immigrants, legal and illegal alike, expect America to adopt their culture.

When Americans visit other countries they find that those countries do not display every sign in multiple languages. 

Yet, will theme parks, and every other public sign as well, now be forced to put up signs in multiple languages? If they are forced to add Spanish, who's to say that people who speak other languages won't demand signs in their native tongues?

Let's be clear here. Language serves but one major purpose: communication!! If folks expect to visit, or even live in this country, they should expect to learn the language of the land.

In Singapore the primary language today is English .Why? Because the people of Singapore recognize that to do business in places like North America, they can do so much easier if they know the language.

So if it's easy enough for Singapore to learn the English language, it ought to be easy enough for all.

Final thought to consider: Science has shown that dolphins and even some chimpanzees have been able to learn English.

I rest my case.



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