The 43-year-old Brandon L. Goral is charged with groping two women in October at a haunted house in Wisconsin. Dressed as a clown, Goral is alleged to have groped the two women and squeezed their breasts. He claims that he does not touch women’s breasts, unless they ask him. He said that several women asked him to grasp their breasts when posing for photographs.

Known as “Shakes the clown,” Goral was working at a “haunted barn” campground outside of Janesville, Wisconsin. Police responded when they received reports from women who had been touched inappropriately. Cops were told by two women that a “clown with green hair” asked them “Do you want me to Donald Trump?” while gesturing toward their genitals and “making a squeezing motion.”

According to a complaint, the women claimed that they felt “violated and uncomfortable,” and that “neither of them gave clown consent to grab her breast.” 

When interrogated by police, Shakes the Clown (Goral) claimed that “does not touch women's breasts' unless requested to do so.” He also asserted that he was “asked multiple times by different females to grab their breasts for photos,” on the evening of the complaint. When he was asked whether he knew whether other personnel at the haunted barn were barred from touching customers, he said, “knows not to touch them unless they ask him to.” Goral stands charged with two counts of misdemeanor sexual assault and has been freed on a $2,000 bond.




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