Soon to be available for purchase is the 2017 American Buffalo gold proof coin from the U.S. Mint. The brilliant one ounce coin will be available for purchase from the Mint on May 11. The design of the gold coin is based on the iconic 1913 Type I Buffalo nickel that was designed by James Earle Fraser. The obverse of the coin features a Native American while the reverse features an American buffalo, which is also known as a bison.
This series of gold coins has been produced since 2006 and is stamped from .9999 fine, 24-karat gold. Each coin is presented in a matte-finish hardwood box with a leather–like inset with a Certificate of Authenticity. The American Buffalo gold proof coin is price according to the Mint’s pricing table that includes numismatic gold, commemorative gold, and platinum products.
According to a release, Congress created the United States Mint in 1792. In 1873, it became part of the Department of the Treasury. Currently, it is the Nation’s sole manufacturer of legal tender coinage and is responsible for producing circulating coinage to conduct its trade and commerce.  In addition, the Mint produces numismatic products, including proof, uncirculated, and commemorative coins, as well as Congressional Gold Medals, and silver and gold bullion coins.  Its numismatic programs are self-sustaining and operate at no cost to taxpayers. This year, the Mint is celebrating its 225th anniversary.
The Buffalo nickel began to circulate in 1913 as a replacement for the Liberty Head nickel that had circulated since 1883. The Buffalo nickel was widely admired and has become regarded as a classic design. It was replaced in 1938 with the design featuring Thomas Jefferson on the obverse and the Jefferson Memorial on the reverse. 



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