The next foreign minister of Brazil, Ernesto Frago Araujo, recently dismissed so-called global climate change as a hoax concocted by “cultural Marxists” who oppose Christianity and economic growth. Araujo will start in his new job as of January 1 when President-elect Jair Bolsonaro takes office. On his blog, Metapolitica 17 -- Against Globalism, Araujo writes that as his country’s chief diplomat, he want to "help Brazil and the world liberate themselves from globalist ideology," promoted by Marxists. “This dogma has been used to justify increasing the regulatory power of states over the economy and the power of international institutions on the nation states and their populations, as well as to stifle economic growth in democratic capitalist countries and to promote the growth of China,” Araujo wrote in October in a post titled "Hijack and Pervert." 

Araujo wrote: "An important part of the globalist project is to transfer economic power from the West to the Chinese regime," and added, "a key part of Trump's project is to disrupt that process, which is already happening." On his blog, the 51-year-old Araujo said that the globalist dogma seeks to increase the regulatory power of states over the economy, as well as the power of global entities over sovereign nation-states and their people, and “stifle economic growth in democratic capitalist countries and to promote the growth of China.” 

Regarding the ideology of global warming, Araujo wrote that "the left has sequestered the environmental cause and perverted it to the point of paroxysm over the last 20 years with the ideology of climate change." According to Araujo, climatologists "gathered some data suggesting a correlation of rising temperatures with increasing concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere, but ignored data suggesting the opposite, and created a 'scientific' dogma that no one else can challenge on pain of being excommunicated from good society. This is just the opposite of the scientific spirit."

Araujo excoriated Brazil’s leftist Workers' Party, which he contends is pushing for a "socialist ideal" at the expense of economic freedom and free speech. The left, he wrote, "criminalizes everything that is good, spontaneous, natural and pure. Criminalizing the family on charges of patriarchal violence. Criminalizing private property. Criminalizing sex and reproduction, saying that any heterosexual act is rape and every baby is a risk to the planet because it will increase carbon emissions." Moreover, he wrote that the globalist left seeks to criminalize red meat and petroleum, both of which are important exports from Brazil.

Araujo wrote that the totalitarian instincts of the left is "criminalizing faith in God." He wrote: "Criminalizing patriotism. Criminalizing biology by prohibiting the statement that a person is born a man or a woman. Criminalizing competition ("sport is a fascist thing," I once heard a leftist colleague). Criminalizing red meat. Criminalizing air conditioning [for climate science reasons]. Criminalizing beauty. Criminalizing all Western thinkers since Anaximander [d. 536 BC]. Criminalizing history and its heroes. Criminalizing Disney movies. Criminalizing love for children and ancestors. Criminalizing oil or any energy efficient and cheap."

Ernesto Araujo is the author of three novels. He previously served in Brazil's embassy in Washington D.C. and was the lead for the country's section for U.S. and Canadian affairs in the Foreign Ministry. Bolsonaro, the incoming president of Brazil, has often been dubbed the Brazilian Donald Trump.



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