Molly Joe Delgado, 28, of Falling Waters, West Virginia, allegedly killed her children by setting fire to their beds while they slept and then locking the doors of her trailer. So said a statement issued by the West Virginia State Fire Marshal concerning her arrest on March 8. Her sons Delmer and Justin were aged just three and five years, respectively. Delgado now faces charges of murder and arson.
Delgado’s husband, Justin Delgado Sr., was also an intended victim. When smoke woke up Delgado’s husband, he tried to rescue the little boys but was thwarted by the growing flames. When he was unable to reach his sons’ bedroom on the other side of the home where he had been sleeping, he then tried to get out but was locked inside. When was able to open a kitchen window, it was too small for him to get through. It was from the window that he shouted for help.
Drew McCombs, Molly Delgado’s father, lives next door and heard the father’s pleas for help. He reported that Molly was walking back to her home when she heard her husband yell that their trailer was burning. Having finally opened the door, McCombs and his wife entered but could not find the boys, due to the thick smoke. “I got in there and I couldn’t see, I couldn’t see nothing - at all,” McCombs said. “I couldn’t find them.”
Both Delmer and Justin were pronounced dead at the scene on the night of the fire on January 24. Justin Delgado Sr. was treated for smoke inhalation and survived. Molly Delgado is being held in the Eastern Regional Jail.



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