Republican nominee Donald Trump is advancing over the previous lead Democrat Hillary Clinton has had in Wisconsin. According to a poll by the Marquette University law school and released today, 42 percent of registered voters in the state said they support Clinton, while 37 percent are for Trump. Nineteen percent were indifferent.
In a poll conducted by the same organization Aug. 4-7, Clinton had garnered the support of 46 percent of registered voters, while Trump had 36 percent. At that point, 16 percent had no preference.
Today's poll showed that among likely voters, the margin is narrower. Clinton is holding on with 45 percent support and Trump is at 42 percent. Of those polled, 10 percent say they will not support either candidate. That represents a drop for Clinton since the publication of the August poll when 52 percent of likely voters supported her. At that time, Trump had the backing of 37 percent. The likely voter poll puts Trump well within the 5-point margin of error. The poll surveyed 803 registered voters in Wisconsin over the August 25-28 period, while screening out 650 as likely voters.
When four presidential candidates are considered, Clinton led Trump 41 percent to 38 percent. The Libertarian nominee, Gary Johnson, got 11 percent and the Green Party's nominee, Jill Stein, was at 2 percent.
"After a strong bump in Clinton's favor following the national party conventions, the electorate in Wisconsin has returned to about where the vote stood in July, prior to the conventions," said Charles Franklin, who directs the Marquette Law School poll. 
A Trump win in Wisconsin would be significant because a win in the Dairy State could augur wins in other swing states such as Colorado, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, and Virginia. Cheeseheads have not voted for a Republican presidential candidate since Ronald Reagan's 1984 landslide. , and a win there this year would make it easier for Trump to lose other swing states (including Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, Virginia, and Colorado) and still reach the 270 Electoral College votes necessary to capture the White House. 



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