A Swedish woman was forced into a car at gunpoint by four Arab-speaking Muslim men in Malmo and driven to the basement of a hookah cafe in Helsingborg, which is the nearest point in Sweden to Denmark, across the narrow Øresund strait. Khaled Azez Hegrs (28) and Tareq Bakkar (23) were later arrested for the abduction and rape of the woman who was gang raped in the course of several hours overnight.
Once the car arrived at the hookah cafe, the woman was forced into the basement where Khaled held her down on a couch and stripped off her clothes. He threatened her with a beating and then raped her orally, vaginally, and anally. 
Hegrs told her that four other men waiting to rape her, according to local reports. They then raped while while Bakkar held down her arms, having pulled her down on the floor and forcing her legs apart. At one point, two man raped her simultaneously while she was chained to a water pipe.
Police discovered the tortured woman when they went to inspect the cafe, which had been deemed suspicious. Prosecutors say lack sufficient evidence to charge the other five assailants. Local reports say that Hegrs had claimed to have fled Kuwait because the government and security forces there did not accept a romantic relationship he had with a woman. He arrived in Sweden in 2010 and has been denied several applications for asylum. Because he is considered a “stateless” person, Hegrs had been allowed to remain in Sweden.
Bakkar was granted permanent residence in Sweden in August 2014. He and his mother and a friend live in an apartment together. He receives approximately $771 (7,000 kroner) in state subsidies per month. A Syrian, he is currently studying. 
Both Hegrs and Bakkar were convicted and sentenced to four years in prison for aggravated rape. They were not convicted, however, on abduction or assault charges. They were each fined $30.000. After serving their time in prison, they will be deported. A statement from the Malmö District Court noted there are no impediments to the deportation of Hegrs and Bakkar, even while they may still appeal.



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