A high school student who dared to wear a Donald Trump cap was assaulted and given a beat-down by fellow scholars at Richard Montgomery High School in a suburb of Washington DC. As a result, a fellow student is facing assault charges for the attack that occurred near the courthouse in Rockville, Maryland. 
Hundreds of students who had been released from school were chanting and carrying placards reading “Love Trumps Hate” in a protest against the electoral victory of Donald Trump. At about 10 a.m.,on November 16, a 15-year-old boy who was wearing one of the Trump campaign’s signature red “Make America Great Again” caps was attacked by at least four other students.
The boy was surrounded by the marauders who punched him repeatedly and slammed him into the ground, where they also kicked him repeatedly in the ribs. Speaking for the local police department, Maj. Michael English confirmed that the victim was not the aggressor. A witness said that the group beat the victim “pretty bad,” according to WTOP News. The victim was seen clutching the back of his head in pain. Emergency personnel took him to hospital where he was treated for non-life threatening injuries, including scrapes to his knees.
“This student got into an altercation with other students. What we know is he had a red ball cap on. We do not know the student’s political views,” said English, according to Montgomery Community Media.
A 17-year-old has been charged with second-degree assault, English said, but has not been taken into custody. Police continue to investigate the incident. The alleged perpetrator is not in custody,
Dozens of students from other high schools in Montgomery County, Maryland, left class to line up along busy streets and roads to brandish signs and solicit responses from vehicles. One demonstration along Great Seneca Highway in the area of Kentlands also proved to feature anti-Trump student protesters. In that instance, students came from Northwest, Seneca Valley and Quince Orchard High Schools.
The Rockville march marked the third straight day of student protests in the D.C. region in opposition to Trump’s election.
On November 15, hundreds of District of Columbia schools walked out of class to protest in front of the Old Post Office, which is now a hotel operated by Donald Trump’s company. They then marched on Pennsylvania Avenue to the Supreme Court. On the day before, hundreds of students from Montgomery County protested against Trump and block parts of University Boulevard.
The Montgomery County Young Republicans released a statement that said that protests should be held after school dismissal instead during class time. The group asked whether the local teachers' union, Montgomery County Education Association, had coordinated that student unrest. The Young Republicans have called for the U.S. Department of Justice to investigate the MCEA and any links to the protests.



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