Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson said that he will abstain from marijuana during his campaign for the White House. Johnson told USA Today in an interview how long it has been since he hasn’t had toke. "It's been about seven weeks," he said. He said, if elected, that he would not use the drug during his tenure in the presidency. "I want to be completely on top of my game, all cylinders."
Speaking in the June 16 interview, former New Mexico Gov. Johnson said that there is "an unbelievable disconnect" between politicians and the public on the issue of marijuana use. He has long been an advocate of legalizing some marijuana use.
"I haven't had a drink of alcohol in 29 years because of rock climbing and the notion of being the best that you can be, and in that same vein I've stopped using marijuana of any kind," he said in the interview.
The Marijuana Policy Project has issued its formal endorsement of Johnson’s candidacy. Some have questioned the organization about backing Johnson, having noted that his stance on guns more resembles the Republican position than the Democratic. In a statement, the Marijuana Policy Project said that as a single-issue organization, it does not take into account candidates’ positions on other issues.
The statement said, “Legalization has been Johnson’s number-one issue for 17 years. MPP’s endorsement of Johnson was an easy call; the more difficult question is whether MPP should support a candidate who’s good on medical marijuana but bad on legalization, when the candidate is facing an opponent who’s bad on everything.”
It’s fine if voters prefer to consider a candidate’s marijuana position in the context of a dozen other positions, but that’s not MPP’s mission. We’re narrowly focused on marijuana policy and are happy to work alongside anyone who shares our mission, whether they’re Socialists, Republicans, or otherwise.”



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