Edwin Black livestream video event on racist eugenics

science | Apr 25, 2012 | By Martin Barillas

Author and investigative journalist and author Edwin Black launches on April 25 an expanded edition of his award-winning bestseller War Against the Weak during a live global event in the North Carolina General Assembly’s Legislative Auditorium in Raleigh, NC with streaming video. The event commences at 12 noon EST. See the event in the video above or here: Live Global Launch.

During the event, Black will present his new findings on North Carolina’s program of eugenic genocide against its own citizens, which was executed in lockstep with national and Nazi eugenic leaders throughout America and in Third Reich Germany. Black will answer questions live from both audience members and remote participants worldwide. Advance requests have already come in from concentration camp scholars, genetic study groups, and from survivors of the North Carolina eugenic sterilization program.

NC State Rep. Earline Parmon of Winston-Salem will introduce the program and Black's presentation. Rep. Parmon, along with Rep. Larry Womble, has championed the cause of compensation for the state's surviving eugenic victims. More than 27 states joined the shameful decades-long utopian campaign of medically and legislatively engineered racial supremacy. But only one state, North Carolina, is now readying a massive plan of financial reparations to its surviving victims. Many suggest the legislature will vote $50,000 for each surviving victim.



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