President Trump dismissed reports that Roger Stone, the political operative who briefly served as a consultant to the Trump campaign, tweeted on Wednesday that reports that Stone had suggested the dismissal of FBI Director James B. Comey was “fake news.” He tweeted, "The Roger Stone report on @CNN is false - Fake News." Trump added that it had been "a long time" since he spoke to Stone. POLITICO and CNN both reported that Stone had urged Trump to remove Comey, who had conducted a probe into alleged connections between the Trump campaign -- and even Stone himself -- and Russian officials.

CNN reported that a “source familiar with the conversation -- which took place after Comey appeared at a hearing last week on Capitol Hill” had confirmed to the network that Stone had advised the president to fire Comey. Later, CNN reported that a White House spokesperson repeated Trump’s remarks and clarified that "The President has not spoken to Roger Stone in many months and any reports suggesting otherwise are categorically untrue." Much like MSNBC and FOX News, CNN has moved to political commentary.  


CNN’s Gloria Borger reported on Wednesday that Stone was among those who recommended Trump fire Comey.

Stone, who was associated with Richard Nixon and who has long been associated with Trump, said in an interview on the The David Webb Show last Friday that he had spoken to the president "less than a week ago."

Stone has since denied being the source for the stories by POLITICO and CNN. He tweeted on Wednesday morning, “I am not the source of the Politico/CNN stories claiming I urged Donald Trump to fire Comey. Never made such claim. I support the decision 100 percent.”

Stone also told Steve Malzberg on The Malzberg Show that he had never claimed to speak to Trump about Comey’s firing. However, shortly after news broke about Comey’s dismissal, Stone retweeted from his "Stone Cold Truth" account a GIF of Trump that depicted the former television star seated in his boardroom during a scene from "The Apprentice," with the familiar words appropriated for the occasion: "You're fired!"



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