In reading the recent pastoral letter from the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops on racism, "Open Wide Our Hearts", I was deeply touched by its candid but short expose of the terrible injustices suffered by so many in our nation’s history due to racial prejudice and bigotry. At the same time, I was deeply troubled by several important omissions in the letter, which seem to be guided by the same perverse spirit of political correctness, which was responsible for maintaining racist ideologies and promoting racist policies for hundreds of years.

It is worth noting, however, that those who opposed the immoral societal norms dictated by the political correctness of their day (e.g., racist customs, eugenic “sciences”) were often vilified for confronting popular culture with an accountability to eternal truths. In light of this fact, I offer the following observations.

First of all, note that there was no reference in the pastoral letter to racism as a form of detractionor slander (CCC #2477). In view of the modern tendency of a number of groups and persons to slander various conservatives as being “racists”, this omission is rather disturbing. Over the past four decades, numerous conservative leaders have been libeled and labeled as racists. All the Republican candidates for the Presidency during that time have been called “racists.” Our current President, when he asserts that the promotion of human dignity is to be realized not by getting more people dependent on welfare benefits, but by helping them to contribute to society by beinggainfully employed, is labeled as “racist”.

And Brett Kavanaugh, aside from several other torrid  slanderous allegations, was called “racist,” merely because, unlike the KKK, he believed in equal justice under the law.  It makes a person wonder what political forces were at work behind the scenes to ensure that the fact that real racism is actually a form of slander was conveniently omitted from the pastoral letter.

Political correctness seems to have obfuscated the splendor of truth. It is also noteworthy that page 12 of the pastoral letter is racist. European immigrants and pioneers as a group are held responsible for the genocide of Native Americans. So apparently allCaucasians are to be considered plagued with genocidal racism. As an aside, it is awkward to note that the injustices against the Native Americans were often the consequence of the federal government’s refusal to enforce treaties so as to allow unregulated  migration of  into their lands.

Likewise, federal wealth/land redistribution programs of the late 1800’s allowed more of those lands to be seized for the sake of manifest destiny. This seems to be in harmony with the current political correct racism at many colleges and universities, which denigrates students merely for being Caucasian.  The pastoral letter also tended to join in the current leftist obfuscation regarding immigration policies. There was no mention of the fact that, when Christians in Iraq and Syria were being abused and murdered by ISIS, they comprised less than one percent of the refugees from that conflict, who were allowed to migrate into our country.

The letter also implied that those who insist on the proper vetting of those migrating into our nation are “racists”. It fails to make the distinction between those who are legal immigrants, those who are political or religious refugees and those who are furtively infiltrating into our nation (e.g., jihadists, “sleeper cells,” gang members, drug traffickers, human traffickers, those afflicted with contagious diseases).

Thus it implies that those who insist that there be an orderly way of integrating migrants into our society must be tinged with racism.It was also noteworthy that, capitulating to the demands of political correctness, page 25 of the pastoral letter did not specifically mention Planned Parenthood along with the Nazis and KKK asa racist organization. In doing so, it carefully ignored several important facts. As several African-American pastors have documented at and, Planned Parenthoodwas organized as part of the eugenics movement to weed out inferior races by sterilization, contraception and abortion. Its founders even collaborated with the KKK and the Nazis in Germany in developing ways to purge humanity of those polluting its gene pool.  

Even  today, Planned Parenthood also performs abortions on African-American women at a rate three times that of white women. But with prominent Catholic politicians supporting Planned Parenthood’s agenda  to degrade and destroy the African-American community and asserting that the Eucharistic Christ also supports this racist agenda, it would be awkward for the USCCB to draw attention to this dilemma.

Also, since Planned Parenthood is promoting the unlimited liberation of libido among our children through various “family life curricula,” not only is the African-American family being destroyed by the degradation of respect for marital fidelity, but “fresh meat” continues to be provided to appease the perverted appetites of those with a proclivity to pedophilia. This second issue, though, will supposedly be addressed in Rome early next year.

Another serious defect in the letter is its failure to even mention the racist dimensions of the “Auschwitz Agenda”, which has been subtly and incrementally implemented in our nation over the past four decades. Just as the Nazi SS at Auschwitz exercised their “right to choose” by callously consigning new prisoners to either death in the gas chambers or to oppressive slave labor, our federal government has been consigning our posterity to either death by abortion or to the oppressive debt slavery, which will be required to pay off our ever-increasing national debt, numerous unfunded mandates and underfunded pension plans.

And, just as those being brought to Auschwitz were subjected to numerous forms of physical and psychological degradation before they arrived there, our children have been subjected to numerous forms of social and moral degradation, as basic moral principles, especially those protecting the sacredness of marriage, the family and human life, are degraded and/or  ridiculed in government schools, in theentertainment industry and through the tsunami of polluting drugs and pornography devastating the social fabric of our nation. Ironically, the full traumatic consequences of all this is about to hit our nation just as our population is becoming primarily non-Caucasian. It is thus rather disheartening to note how those who drafted the pastoral letter decided that the promotion of this whole “Auschwitz Agenda” was not worth even mentioning.

Finally, we need to note that much of the racism in America was supported by the “consensus of scientists” regarding the importance of promoting eugenics in order to ensure the continuing development and progress of the human community. A number of respected scientists, based on distorted data and refusing to even examine any facts that did not fit their conclusions, felt confident to make such assertions as “The Negro can be trained, but is not really capable of being educated.”

What we now call racism, was considered “settled science” in view of the defected premises of the newly developing science of eugenics.  Sadly, in our own day, there is another allegedly scientific consensus, based on prejudiced algorithms designed by computer programmers rather than on raw data. It asserts that global climate change is a real and present danger for all of humanity.

Thus we are supposedly required to take dramatic steps to curb population growth. And, just as any scientist that dared to question any of the racist premises of eugenics a hundred years ago was ridiculed as being unprofessional, today a similar scenario has developed. Any meteorologist, who dares to ask to see the raw data allegedly supporting the claim of man-made climate change,  is ostracized as being “unscientific”. It would thus not be hard to imagine that, in the near future, an effort being made to rearrange the Church’s pro-life priorities, so that contraception, sterilization, abortion and euthanasia be considered as morally tolerable in some cases, so as to prevent the “greater evil” of global climate change.Racism is evil. But, like any other evil, it is based on a lie.

Hopefully, by the mercy and grace of God, we may be strengthened to embrace the whole truth of God in a spirit of humility and docility.  For only through ongoing accountability to that truth, will we be able to witness the fullfruition of our dignity, both as individuals and as a human community. And along the way, guided by the Holy Spirit, we will discover anew not only that each human being is sacred, but also that we are all called together to realize our true dignity as God’s children in the mystery of divine intimacy. In this way, we will come to discover in new and more wondrous ways how indeed the truth will set us free.



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