Efforts to resurrect the eugenics movement, which was a foundational principle not only of the Nazi philosophy and practice but also efforts in America to legalize the sterilization of those deemed by state bureaucrats to be "unfit" is rather frightening. Refer to the article at Speroforum here. First of all, such a movement tends to embrace the false idea that the development of a human being is not merely influenced by genetics, but actually determined by genetics. Many of those promoting this agenda are the same ones who promised both that contraception would lead to more stable and happier marriages and that abortion would end the problems of child neglect and child abuse. Maybe it is about time for us to take more seriously the adage, "Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me."
 The truth, however, is that the dynamics of human development are multi-dimensional. Genetics is merely one of the factors guiding that process. Not only that, numerous "politically incorrect" stories have been published over the years, which contradict the tenets of the eugenics mafia. These real-life stories show how the nobility of the human spirit, nurtured by the grace of God and the encouragement of loved ones, has so often been able not only to deal with genetic abnormalities, but actually bring
hope and inspiration into the lives of those who are deemed by the secular elite to be "flawless". How many suicides have been prevented by an inspirational encounter with a soul, who has had to deal with a serious physical ailment for years?
  Interestingly, their logic is also intertwined with the ever-changing ersatz science of (pick one) "global warming", "global cooling" or "global climate change" - all of which are merely recycled versions of Chicken Little's cry of alarm, "The sky is falling!". They assert that because genetics influences human development, it must necessarily absolutely control the course of such development. Thus they also allege that the use of contraception, abortion and euthanasia are essential to ensure that each
person, whom they deem to be worthy of life, will have a fulfilling and meaningful existence.
Sadly, as I indicated in an earlier article on Darwinian evolution, a number of Church leaders, with loud accolades from the main stream media, have allowed themselves to be seduced into dialoguing with those promoting this dimension of the Culture of Desecration and Death. They thus promote the heretical idea that fidelity to the eternal truths proclaimed by the Roman Catholic Church must be supplanted with a new dynamic. Instead of clearly, concisely and consistently proclaiming authentic truth, they allege the Church must become more adept at adapting to and incrementally adopting the ever-evolving values of modern society. It is a kind of "lead from behind" pastoral theology (which sounds more sophisticated than what it really is, pastoral sycophancy).
I am fearful that, if this degradation of pastoral thought and practice continues, many souls will be more easily seduced into sin by the siren calls of the Unholy Trinity of comfort, convenience and complacency. Likewise, I am fearful of further capitulation by the US Conference of Catholic Bishops to the demands of the amoral bureaucracy established by the Affordable Care Act. Already, we have seen a move from  a position, which demanded the abolition of the contraception-abortion mandate, to a position, which seeks only an exemption from  that mandate. The next step will be to allow the HHS bureaucrats to determine that such things as hospice care for the dying are "extraordinary means" of providing health care.
Thus, in accord with Roe v Wade's determination that personhood is to be defined in terms of viability, we will see the "evolution" of medical and legal thought (followed by "lead from behind" pastoral theology) determining that those with such conditions as advanced Alzheimer's disease are actually merely "organisms that have outlived their personhood". After all, are we not already transplanting particular organs that have outlived the personhood of deceased donors? Why not allow the further evolution of this practice to include the human body as a whole?
By the graciousness of God, each human life, no matter what its condition, is sacred. Likewise, what I like to call "evocation" (i.e.,  by the loving call of God),  each person is able to join with Jesus Christ in sanctifying the world in a uniquely beautiful , though at times awkward, way. Truly human life is the fruit of love, not the product of technology or of social engineering or manipulation. We are God's children, not Pavlov's dogs.
The sooner we come to clearly and consistently proclaim this basic truth, the sooner we will witness, by the grace of God, the victory of the New Evangelization over the New Capitulation proposed by those who seek to dialogue with the perverted agendas of the Culture of Desecration and Death.
Rev. Fr. Thomas Collins is a Catholic priest in the service of the people of Virginia.



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