According to the National Hispanic Survey, as many as two million non-citizens are illegally registered to vote. Conducted by McLaughlin and Associations in June 2013, the survey was intended to take soundings of opinions held by Latinos in the US on a variety of issues. In a random sample of 800 Latinos, 56 percent said they were not US citizens, while 13 percent of these are registered to vote. These may include illegal aliens, visa holders, and permanent residents. However, the survey did not ask whether the respondents actually voted or not.
The Washington Times reported that James Agresti of the “Just Facts” research organization used the 13 percent figure in combination with the 2013 Census number for non-citizen Latino adults. Because the Census showed that there were 11.8 million non-citizen Latino adults living in the US in 2013, 13 percent would represent 1.5 million illegally registered Latino adults. 
Agresti calculated, while including a margin of error based on the sample size of non-citizens, the number of Latinos illegally registered to vote may range from 1.0 million to 2.1 million. He told Washington Times that despite the claims made by the media and others, the McLaughlin poll confirms that there are a considerable number of non-citizens potentially voting.
Besides Latinos, in 2013 there were another 8.3 million non-Hispanic non-citizen adults of other origins residing in the US, according to the Census. Thus, the number of total illegal alien voters could surpass 2 million illegal votes cast in the 2016 election.



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