According to Texas Right to Life, a patient has died at a hospital in northwest Houston “whose doctors decided that he should no longer have medical care despite the wishes of the patient and his family.” In an email to supporters, Elizabeth Graham of Texas Right to Life wrote that the man she identifies as ‘Willie’ expired during the evening hours of March 20. Previously that day, she had sent a message to supporters that the “ethics panel” at the hospital (which has not been further identified) had to stop medical treatment.  She wrote, “As you can imagine, I'm shocked, and his family is devastated about the way their father was treated, and ultimately killed, by so-called medical professionals.”

Graham noted in her March 21 statement that the patient’s family has asked that she not identify the hospital where their father expired. As of yet, it is not known whether the family is contemplating legal action against the hospital and physicians. She wrote in her earlier statement that 'Willie' had medical insurance.

On March 20, Graham wrote about “Willie” and alleged that he had been denied hydration and nutrition by the hospital in question. The patient had been contending with leukemia that was complicated by pneumonia. The family was planning to move him to a suitable hospice for him, while they were told that no local hospital would accept the patient, according to the TRL statement.

Texas Right to Life denounced the decision by physicians to allegedly eliminate hydration and feeding for ‘Willie.’  According to the March 20 news release from Texas Right to Life, “Willie breathed on his own through the night, but he is being dehydrated and starved to death.  Because he hasn’t been fed or watered, his heart rate is dangerously low.  After he breathed steadily last night, the hospital discussed hospice with the family.  Now however, the facility is waiting for his heart to give out since his heart rate has diminished and will not revisit hospice care.” Furthermore, declared the group, “They are now actively killing him, more so than yesterday.”

Various right-to-life leaders and organizations have been apprised of the situation as well as a law firm. Local pro-lifers are awaiting further word from Graham and the family of the deceased as to their next steps.



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