Julia Holcomb was forced to reveal a secret she had been keeping for 35 years after her son came across one of the unflattering -- and untrue -- statements that Aerosmith singer Steven Tyler had written about her, their relationship, and their abortion. "I had to become Silent No More right in my own home, I had no choice," said Holcomb, whose life hit a low point in 1975, when she nearly died in an apartment fire and was then convinced to abort her baby at five months.

Now Holcomb is a spokeswoman for the Silent No More Awareness Campaign by choice. She will speak of the U.S. Supreme Court building on January 23 and share the story of her abortion and how it was the catalyst that prompted her to turn her life around. Now married, she is the pro-life mother of six sons, and a devout Roman Catholic.

Holcomb will join dozens of other women and men from the campaign who will tell their stories at the annual event that immediately follows the March for Life. According to a news release, Holcomb was convinced to go public with her story after reading a piece written by Kevin Burke, Pastoral Associate of Priests for Life and co-founder of Rachel's Vineyard, about the abortion regret that Tyler - who has since begun his second season as an "American Idol" judge -- has expressed in two books.

"In spite of everything, I do not hate Steven Tyler, nor am I personally bitter." Holcomb said, according to the release. "I pray for his sincere conversion of heart and hope he can find God's grace, as I have." 



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