According to a press release, Peter LaBarbera, president of Americans For Truth About Homosexuality denounced the Conservative Political Action Conference, which is meeting this week in Maryland. LaBarbera, who has been a conservative activist for decades, said that CPAC's decision to disinvite MassResistance -- a pro-family advocacy group - as an Exhibitor sponsor constitutes an "unconscionable sellout of real, principled conservative values. He noted that the Log Cabin Republicans are at the conference as exhibitors, but AFTAH received no response from CPAC when it applied and paid $2,000 to be an Exhibitor after MassResistance was disinvited. Log Cabin Republicans are known for their advocacy of same-sex marriage and other hallmarks of the gay and lesbian movement.
LaBarbera said, "CPAC's capricious action against MassResistance and its president, Brian Camenker, is an unconscionable sellout of real, principled conservative values. CPAC has it backwards: it is the homosexual-transgender activist group Log Cabin Republicans that doesn't belong at a conservative conference--not an organization fighting the fanatical, anti-Christian LGBTQ lobby.

"The Log Cabin Republicans' morally subversive agenda is to push for the acceptance of proud homosexuality and "gay marriage" within the Republican Party, and "rights" based on disordered yet changeable sexual behaviors and an ever-expanding array of "gender identities." This defies God's creation and is not conservative.

"MassResistance is the world's leading grassroots organization standing up to the homosexual-bisexual-transgender movement. Its dedicated followers expose efforts to "mainstream" deviant sex-and-gender confusion in schools and work to protect-i.e., conserve-the age-old institution of marriage as God ordained it. This is the essence of noble conservatism.

"After opening up the door to sexual immorality (with an "R" next to it), CPAC then went a step further by banning this heroic pro-family group, using as its pretext something Camenker said in a speech three years ago. Keep in mind that CPAC invited profane Milo Yiannopoulos, a self-described "Dangerous Faggot," to speak last year and also has welcomed atheists as Exhibitors. 

"CPAC has squandered its moral authority by pandering to political correctness. It is teaching young conservatives all the wrong lessons about fairness and right versus wrong. CPAC's leaders owe an apology not just to Camenker and MassResistance but to principled, Reagan social conservatives everywhere."

On its website, MassResistance gave its version of the dust-up with CPAC. "As we reported last week, in January CPAC approved MassResistance for a table, but then on Feb. 8 they abruptly did an about-face and banned us. Judging from CPAC’s explanation, it appears that our hard stand against the LGBT agenda in the schools offended their libertarian and RINO factions – and in particular the radical LGBT group Log Cabin Republicans which has become a regular participant at CPAC. Basically, as journalist Cliff Kincaid observed yesterday, 'The swamp has taken over.'”



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