In an interview with talk show host Oprah Winfrey that will be released in its entirety next week, former vice president Joseph Biden said that he regrets that he is not President of the United States. Biden told Winfrey, "I have a regret that I am not president." He added, "Because I think there's so much opportunity. I think America's so incredibly well-positioned." Biden said he chose not to run because he was dealing with grief over the death of his son, Beau. The interview will air on Sunday on the OWN network. He is promoting his new book, "Promise Me, Dad."

In another interview, Ellen DeGeneres called on Biden to run in 2020. Speaking on her eponymous show, DeGeneres said, "Just remember, that is what I'd like to see." While grabbing Biden's hand, DeGeneres said, "I don't know if it's going to be myself or Oprah as your running mate."

Biden told DeGeneres that he wanted to focus on "my boy," the late Beau Biden, who died in 2015 of complications related to cancer. The title of his book stems from the words of his dying son, who asked Biden to run. He said his grief kept him from entering the presidential race, which Hillary Clinton lost to Donald Trump.

In the interview with Winfrey, Biden Said, "Oprah, no woman or man should announce they are running for president unless they can answer two questions: One, do they truly believe they are the most qualified person for that moment. I believed I was." As for the second question, Biden said "But was I prepared to be able to give my whole heart, my whole soul and all my attention to the endeavor?" He added, "And I knew I wasn't."

Biden also told Winfrey that he knew just a month into her campaign that Hillary Clinton was a loser. "A month out, I came back and said, we're going to lose this election," Biden said. POLITICO reported that Biden told a conference of Democrat donors in June that he knew a month out that Clinton would lose key battleground states. However, he had not acknowledged that publicly.

Biden also campaigned furiously for Clinton in those last weeks.  

In his new book, Biden claims that he could have won the election. In a excerpt, Biden wrote: "My numbers on trustworthiness, honesty, and empathy were as high as they had ever been,."

"And I was strongest where the most formidable candidate, Hillary Clinton, was weakest: the key swing states like Pennsylvania, Ohio and Florida.'"

Biden also said that he was asked by Barack Obama to resist the urge to run. He wrote: "In January 2015 the president was convinced I could not beat Hillary, and he worried that a long primary fight would split the party and leave the Democratic nominee vulnerable in the general election." Biden wrote that Obama was "preoccupied" with the dilemma of choosing whether to support Clinton or Biden. "Barack and I knew, coverage in the West Wing would shift from his agenda to my chances. I also believe he had concluded that Hillary Clinton was almost certain to be the nominee," he said.

Biden was also fearful of Clinton's supporters who had acknowledged would "stop at nothing" to prevent his presidential bid. "And Clinton backers sent a signal that they would not stop at voting records and policies if I did get in the race," Biden said. 

In October 2015, POLITICO published a story titled: "EXCLUSIVE: Biden himself leaked word of his son's dying wish," which reported that eau Biden had pushed his father to run for president.  POLITICO stated: "The vice president is in mourning. He's also calculating." Biden wrote in his new book, "I should have seen this coming, I guess." He wrote: "The POLITICO story exceeded even my worst expectations of what the opposition was going to be like."

"The idea that I would use my son's death to political advantage was sickening." 

Despite his family's trials, Biden has not given up his presidential ambitions. He recently told Vanity Fair, "I've decided I'm not going to decide not to run."



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