Singer Art Garfunkel sees Troubled Water in Europe

entertainment | Sep 21, 2015 | By Martin Barillas

In an interview with Sebastian Shakepeare of the Daily Mail, veteran crooner Art Garfunkel waded into controversy with an opinion that is much at odds with some humanitarians and political progressives. In London to perform at Albert Hall, one half of the iconic Simon & Garfunkel duo spoke about the influx of refugees and migrants to Europe who are coming mostly from the war-torn Middle East and other areas dominated by conflictive Islam. He recently completed a walkabout in Europe and said that he understands the risks refugees take to find a better life in the West.
Said Garfunkel, “We are at a very interesting stage right now, where people are escaping from horrendous situations all over the world.” He mentioned the book Reflections Of The Revolution In Europe: Immigration, Islam, and the West  by Christopher Caldwell in which the author calls on readers to notice the influence Islam is having on the continent. Referring to Caldwell, Garfunkel said, “He is saying: ‘Look, I’m not going to make any judgments about this, but I want you Europeans to see that the changing face of Britain, of Germany and all over Europe is happening. It’s becoming much more Muslim. These are the facts.’”
Caldwell, inter alia, says that debate about the influx of Muslims is squelched when critics are labeled Islamophobic while Muslims do not wish to adopt European culture but instead to supplant it.
Authorities in Germany have said over the last week that they are expecting 1 million migrants to enter Germany by the end of 2016. Riots have broken out on the border of Hungary as Muslim migrants demand entry so as to pass on to western Europe.



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