In Spalding County, Georgia, an unusual tip led police to a macabre discovery in a vacant motel in the town of Griffin. On Sunday, a man called 911 dispatchers to report that he had found a corpse during the commission of burglary at the motel. 

The vacant Express Inn and Suites in Griffin, a suburb of Atlanta, is located next door to Crestview Baptist Church on North Expressway. 

The 911 caller told police that he was looking for copper wire to strip from the vacant building when he found the lifeless body of a man hidden within a wall. 

When Griffin Police Lieutenant Joe Hudson went to the Express Inn, he entered a room from which a foul stench could be detected. Upon searching further, the officer found the remains of Timothy Allen Johnson in the plumbing access area. 

Johnson's pickup was found in the parking lot of the neighboring Crestview Baptist Church. However, there was no other sign of him until the weekend discovery. While investigators had not seen signs of foul play as the cause of Johnson's death, an autopsy has been ordered to ascertain the cause of death. Results may not be available for several months. 

Police theorize that Johnson may have also been seeking copper wire in the vacant motel, and that his death was an unfortunate mishap. He was reported missing on December 5. A missing persons investigation ensued.

The Express Inn and Suites has been shuttered for several years and has seen better days. The swimming pool at the facility is now green with algae, and paint and restoration are needed in the remainder of the motel.




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