At Christian parish center in Germany, Muslim vandals scrawled Islamic verses on the walls of the facility as part of a wave of attacks on Christians in Europe over the last two weeks. Police in the town of Brühl in the Rhein-Neckar district of Baden-Württemberg confirmed that the parish center was burglarized on the evening of December 30.
In a January 12 statement, police allege that the vandals had left behind “devastation,” breaking doors, destroying panes of glass, and writing“Islamist” slogans on the walls of the center. However, despite the content of the graffitti, the statement claimed that police “do not assume” they are relevant in understanding the motives for the crime.
Over the New Year’s celebration, there were committed not only acts of vandalism, but also sexual assault. In Hamburg, at least a dozen women were sexually assaulted on New Year’s Eve as hundreds of young Muslim men thronged in the city square. Last week, a young nurse was gang-raped by a group of migrant men who had lured her into a park at night with claims that someone needed medical attention.
A wave of attacks on churches, chapels, and shrines in northern Austria was reported last week. Prayer books were burned and statues damaged or beheaded. In the tiny village of St. Radegund, a statue of the Virgin Mary was damaged by vandals, who also stole books and wooden ornaments and burned them in a forest nearby. In Braunau am Inn, criminals damaged a crucifix in a church, stealing the figure of Jesus Christ, while also beheading a statue of St. Barbara. In that instance, the vandals cause approximately 5,000 euros in damages.
In Dülmen, a German town, Christian statues were damaged and destroyed. Some of them were beheaded. While police there theorized that there could be religious motivations for the vandalism, they have yet to follow the path to possible culprits. 
Both Austria and Germany have seen a massive influx of migrants, mostly Muslim from the Middle East, Africa, and parts of Asia. 
History records that warfare as practiced by Muslims is consonant, not only with the rape of women and beheading of Christians who refuse to convert to Islam, there is also the destruction of Christian churches and sacred images. Any depiction of the human form is considered forbidden by the strict interpretation of Islam. History in Europe is replete of Muslim destruction of churches and sacred images. For example, the famous “Black Madonna” -- an image revered by Catholic Poles for centuries -- bears the mark of a Muslim’s saber. In the 1700s, Austria was nearly overrun by the Muslim Ottoman Empire, but was saved by a Polish army.
St. Radegund is the hometown of an Austrian conscientious objector, Franz Jaggerstatter, who refused to serve in the army of Nazi Germany. He was beheaded by the Nazi regime. The Catholic Church has recognized him as a martyr.



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