The government of Hungary has declared an emergency and has sent thousands of troops and police to its borders to quell escalating violence prompted by the influx of immigrants. Hungary is also contemplating the building of a third defensive wall around the country.

The declaration came as routes through the Balkans have been closed to refugees. Slovenia, for instances, has declared that it is imposing stricter rules on migrants coming from Africa and the Middle East.

Hungary claims that migrant camps along the edge of its territory are full: 10,000 refugees are in the country. Hungarian Interior Minister Sandor Pinter declared, “We don’t know how the migrants will react after closing the Balkan routes.” Pinter added, “1,500 troops from the army are taking part in this action, so if the migrants would appear at the borders, we will be able to stop them.” He added, “We have funding to send the troops there and we have a budget of 7.3 million Forints (£180,000) to build new routes, if we need to.”

Pinter also said that Hungary can build a fence on its border with Romania in 10 days. Hungary already has built fences on its borders with Croatia and Serbia. He claimed that there are 10,000 people without residence permits in the countries have been recently closed down. “We don’t know which direction are they heading, so we will have to be prepared to be able to protect our borders.” Pinter added that there is already “significant activity” at the fences where government authorities are closely observing the developing situation. Hungarian officials expect that refugees will soon be overcrowded.

Slovenia is allowing entry only to those migrants possessing valid passports and visas. Reacting to Slovenia’s stricter policy, Croatia and Serbia imposed the same rules. For its part, Macedonia closed its border at Idomen. Also, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania are cooperatively tightening their borders because of fears that migrants will avoid overcrowded Greece and thus travel through Russia to their respective territories. The three Baltic countries are planning to build an enormous 250-mile long fence across their  eastern frontier with Russia.




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