Now that the Republican primaries seem to have determined their candidate, Democrat forces are rallying the troops for battle.  Besides shutting up pesky Catholic prelates who object to losing their right to practice the faith of their father without government interference [See: Who’s Your Daddy?], the progressive interfaith media organization Faith in Public Life held a press conference and released a statement about a new campaign that, in the estimation of the Los Angeles Times, seeks “to influence the 2012 election.”[i]
Together with PICO National Network, an Alinskyian community organizing network with affiliates around the country comprised of congregations from Catholic, Protestant, Jewish, and Muslim “faith traditions,” Faith in Public Life has wants to ascertain that presidential candidates know that its members oppose “a Republican-backed ballot measure in Minnesota that would require voters to show photo identification” and support “the Obama health care plan, immigration reform and economic policies that would increase taxes on the wealthiest.” The Los Angeles Times makes it clear, in case its readers missed the point: “Those are all positions, of course, that generally line up with those espoused by President Barack Obama and not by Mitt Romney.”
Of course, the Obama platform doesn’t resonate well with people who believe that abortion is the greatest civil rights issue facing the United States in this century – people such as…the Catholics, say.  To neutralize that voice, progressives have developed a highly sophisticated machine to isolate anyone in a position of authority who may be outspoken against abortion as a public policy and simultaneously persuade voters that there are other, more important issues.  Gordon Whitman, PICO Director of Policy, “said PICO represents clergy across the theological spectrum who might disagree on social issues such as abortion, but are on the same page when it comes to economic priorities.”
Catholics need to wake up: these people are not your friends.

Spero columnist Stephanie Block also edits the New Mexico-based Los Pequenos newspaper, and is a member of the Catholic Media Coalition.

[i] Mitchell Landsberg, “Faith-based organization seeking to promote economic equality,” Los Angeles Times, 4-25-12.



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