Fox News anchor Bill Hemmer interviewed Fox News contributor Marie Harf -- who formerly served in the State Department in the Obama administration -- and peppered her with questions over possible involvement of the US intelligence community. Harf once worked in the CIA as analyst and later as a spokesperson. Hemmer noted that Trump’s Deputy Assistant Sebastian Gorka has slammed the Obama administration for its failed “reset” of relations with Russia, while he also spoke of Obama’s plea to Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, captured by a hot mic, to give him until after the 2008 election to rectify bilateral relations.
When Hemmer said, “They’ve got their argument,” Harf replied, “I have mine too.” Hemmer press on, “I come back to my original question. They’re giving this an effort here to see what they can do together and there’s thinking that if you can pull Russia away from China even just a little bit or pull Russia away from its relationship with Iran even just a little bit, perhaps you’ve got a lane in which you can get things done.”
Harf responded, “I think the Trump administration needs to be very clear-eyed and realistic about whether you can pull Russia away from Assad… but we shouldn’t be naive. And I am concerned that President Trump seems really unwilling or unable to criticize Russia over anything. It’s actually quite bizarre to me.”
In an apparent defense of Trump, Hemmer pointed out that the president has been in office for only three-and-a-half weeks. “Do you believe the intelligence community is undermining this administration and this president?” he asked.
Harf denied his suggestion by claiming that the intelligence community “prides themsel[f] for being apolitical.”
Hemmer’s next question apparently stumped Harf. He asked, “Do you think that you were served well in your time on behalf on the intelligence community or do you think you were burned a time or two?” 
In spy lingo, “being burned’ means that a source or an intelligence officer has been discredited or proved unreliable. 
When Harf replied of her time working under both Barack Obama George W. Bush, “We served both administrations very well,” Hemmer pushed again: “Just to nail it down: you were never burned?” 
Hemmer did not appear to know exactly what Hemmer was talking about. She answered, “I-I-I don’t think so? No, I don’t think so.” Hemmer’s subsequent silence as he looked into the camera and waited for Harf’s answer appeared to speak volumes. “Okay, we’ll jog the memory next time.” Revealing a hint of nervousness, Harf said. “Oh no! What am I missing?” Hemmer ended the interview, saying “Not a darn thing.”
The interview came as theories abound that members of the intelligence community, specifically in the National Security Council and the National Security Agency, may have leaked the transcripts of conversations held by President Trump with the national leaders of Australia and Mexico, as well as a conversation between former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn. Flynn was forced to resign when it was revealed that he had neglected to tell Vice President Michael Pence of the conversation, as averred today in Trump's White House press conference. Trump said he was certain that Flynn is a "good man" while he also tweeted today that the "low-life leakers" in his administration will be found.



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