YouTube celebrity Trump-supporters Diamond and Silk interviewed conservative author and filmmaker Dinesh D'Souza about his new film Death of a Nation, which he said is intended to "explore the themes of fascism and white supremacy" in the history of the Democratic party. Identifying himself as a Reagan Republican in his youth, D’Souza said that to understand the Democratic party and its reaction to President Donald Trump, Americans should refresh their knowledge about the 16th president of the United States, Abraham Lincoln.

While the Reagan era still exhibited “gentlemen’s politics,” D’Souza said that the current environment would make Reagan “baffled and disappointed. He would be a fish out of water.” D’Souza said he asked himself, “When have we seen this before in America? The answer is: Abraham Lincoln. You have to go all the way back to 1860.” He recalled that Democrats of the era reacted violently to Lincoln’s lawful election, called for his assassination. “The Democats went berserk. They tried to break up the country. They tried to destroy him. They called for his assassination, and they eventually did assassinate him.”

D’Souza said that Lincoln unlike Reagan would have been “right at home” in the current political environment. When he is asked why he placed Lincoln and Trump on the poster for his film, he said that their respective situations are “eerily similar.” He said, “In both cases, you have the Democratic party refusing fanatically to accept the results of a lawful election.”

Explaining why he made the film, D’Souza said that progressives have sold a “really big lie” to Americans that Democrats have been devising for decades. “The lie about race was concocted in the 1960s. The lie about fascism -- that fascism is on the right, that somehow Adolf Hitler, who was a national socialist was a right-winger -- this was actually concocted after World War 2. These are lies that are almost 75 years old.” He recalled that state legislatures and governors, controlled by Democrats, consistently passed and upheld racist Jim Crow laws into the 1960s and that Democrats Barack Obama and Bill Clinton attended the funeral of Sen. William Byrd - a Democrat of West Virginia who had been a member of the Ku Klux Klan. For her part, Hillary Clinton called Byrd her "mentor," D'Souza said. Moreover, he quoted a leftist historian who noted that the Ku Klux Klan was the terrorist arm of the Democratic party.

Among the facts that Americans should know, D’Souza, there were no Republican slave-owners. “All slaves in the country -- all 4 million of them -- were owned by Democrats,” D’Souza said. He added that Democrats have not yet been able to refute his finding. Silk responded, “It sounds like you have the truth with proof.”

Diamond said that while there has been discrimination on the basis of skin color, discrimination on the basis of “the color of our politics” has become prevalent. “To me it is discrimination that at a restaurant I can’t eat because I’m going to harassed.” When she asked D’Souza what Americans should do to counter the discrimination, he said that the most important thing is to be “equipped with the truth.” He said that “the ordinary Republican is on the defensive. He’s hammered by the big lies. Let’s remember that the Left is very powerful in academia, media, and the whole entertainment industry. Not just movies, but Broadway and the music industry. So the natural tendency of the ordinary Republican is to be on the defensive.”

While ordinary Republicans apologize to Democrats, D’Souza said that what he most admires about Trump is his “political bravery. He doesn’t hide behind his desk; he doesn’t run for the exits. He hits back and he’s confident. This is what Republicans need to learn from.”

In the trailer for his new film, D'Souza says, "A nation dies when its people are not free." The movie opens nationwide on August 3.





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