Three persons are under arrest a Brazilian in the state of Pernambuco for murder, having killed three women and eaten parts of their bodies, while the remainders were made into meat pies for sale to the public. Based on police reports, the Folha daily in Brazil noted that Jorge Beltrao Negromonte da Silveira (51), his wife Isabel Cristina Torreao Pires da Silveira (51), and his girlfriend Bruna Cristina Oliveira da Silva (25), committed the stunning crimes in Geranhuns and Olinda, some 200 miles from the city of Recife on Brazil’s coast. The three accused criminals lived under the same roof.

Living with the macabre adults was a 5-year-old girl, who is believed to be the daughter of Jessica, a 17-year-old girl from Olinda who disappeared in 2008.  

Police Commissioner Demócrito de Oliveira of Garanhuns said in a press conference that “there may have been men among the victims,” but refused to provide further details so “not to cause panic.” The commissioner said that the trio is being held on charges of homicide, abduction, improper handling of human bodies, and fraud, as well as violations of the city health code.  According to commissioner Oliveira, Isabel da Silveira had sold meatpies, known as empanadas, stuffed with human flesh.

According to local police, the three murderers belong to an esoteric Brazilian sect that considers that human beings overpopulate the world, and thus practice cannibalism and bizarre rituals to supposedly cleanse the world of human beings. They said that they had heard ‘voices’ that gave orders to murder certain women who they believed to be evil. They were arrested on April 12.

An investigation into the activities of the trio began in March, when Jorge Negromonte da Silveira went before a notary to register his authorship of a book entitled ‘Revelations of schizophrenic,’ which he wrote in 2009 to describe the practices of his sect.

Negromonte Da Silveira describes in his book the death of Jessica, the mother of the surviving  child.  “While gazing at the lifeless body of the evil teenager, I feel relief. I grasped a razor blade and began to remove all of her skin and then divide it. I, Bel, and Jessica (name of the victim, whose identity was assumed by fellow cannibal Bruna Oliveira da Silva) at the evil flesh as if it was part of a ritual purification. The rest we buried beneath the patio,” he recounted.

The remains of two women were discovered in the garden belonging to the alleged murderers. It is believed that these correspond to a woman who disappeared this year from Garanhus, while the other is believed to be young Jessica. In addition, the three suspects are being investigated for being also responsible for another five murders in Pernambuco. The two women disappeared when they accepted work as childcare workers, at rates far above the norm for this impoverished area of Brazil.
Regarding the health risks of consuming human meat, Brazilian authorities said that these are similar to those for eating any kind of meat. The public was advised to go to local clinics and hospitals should they show signs of vomiting, diarrhea or stomach cramps.



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