Our way forward depends on a good performance appraisal

religion | Jan 29, 2012 | By Clenerius Mutale Chimpali

In view of being open to this God‟s wisdom, individuals need to be transformed and be examples to others. This call for personal conversion is demanded if we are to progress in bringing about social transformation or social justice. If we work in solidarity, the injustices which divide us in terms of race, class, etc, will crumble and we will relate to each other as God desires, with dignity, justice and peace.

The Ghana/Nigeria JPIC (Justice and Peace Dialogue - Integrity of Creation) committee have embarked upon building collaboration with others or rather networking. It is our humble wish and prayer that our connection with other collaborators may bring about a real transformation in our society. Like childbirth, a radical stance and new methods of work is needed. JPIC team welcomes your contribution even if it is to touch our shadows.

The JPIC team intends to make a performance appraisal so that we may learn from our past and bring in new air for the vibrate Ghana-Nigeria JPIC. “The winds of change are blowing strongly in many parts of Africa, and people are demanding even more insistently the recognition and promotion of human rights and freedoms. In this regard I note with satisfaction that the church in Africa, faithful to its vocation, stands resolutely on the side of the oppressed and of the voiceless and marginalised peoples. I strongly encourage it to continue to bear witness”. (Pope John Paul II, Ecclesia in Africa).

Confreres, one way we can participate and make JPIC ministry our own is by identifying ourselves in this wind of change. An open frank talk is open for you to say freely as you have seen JPIC work in the Province. Our request is that, come out with honest and transparent criticisms, appreciations and bring your own suggestions. Help us to have a proper performance appraisal regarding JPIC ministry and let us make JPIC ministry our own ministry.

Many admirable things have been done and also many failures have been witnessed. Performance appraisal creates a room to challenge ourselves in the spirit of evaluation and amendment. Therefore, we wish to see many confreres come up with their point of view, how they have seen this ministry in Ghana-Nigeria Province. It does not matter, if there are positive criticisms or not. We are all fragile human beings in need of corrections and support. Our hope and prayer are that Ghana-Nigeria Province of the Missionaries of Africa, will always be identified with the prayer below, as written by Dr David Kailemu.

This prophetic prayer expresses our confidence in God‟s power and inspires us to break down the structures of sin. This prayer demonstrates the vision of a prophetic Christian and, ultimately, a prophetic Missionary Society and Church:

“God of peace and justice, you give us the capacity to change, to bring about a world that mirrors your wisdom; create in us a desire to act in solidarity so that the pillars of injustice crumble and those now crus hed are set free. Amen”. 

Clenerius Mutale Chimpali   writes for the newsletter of the Missionaries of Africa, otherwise known as the 'White Fathers.'




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