Senator Harry Reid (D-NV) wrote on Twitter:  " By ousting a good man like Speaker Boehner -- someone who understood the art of compromise -- the party of Eisenhower and Reagan is no more."
In a statement Sen. Charles Schumer (D-NY) said “Speaker John Boehner is a decent, principled conservative man who tried to do the right thing under almost impossible circumstances. He will be missed by Republicans and Democrats alike. Let us hope the Republican majority, which Speaker Boehner played a large role in creating, learns the right lesson from his resignation: to work with Democrats in a constructive way, rather than let a handful of extreme right-wingers dictate his party’s policy.”
Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-NY) said of Boehner's resignation, “I commend Speaker Boehner for his leadership on behalf of our nation and will miss him as a friend and colleague in the House. John embodies the American dream – the son of a bartender who grew up to become the Speaker of the House of Representatives – and I wish him and his family the very best as they move forward with this decision. Over the coming weeks, I will be working closely with my colleagues to chart the best path forward on behalf of my constituents.”
Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA)  “That’s a stark indication of the disarray of House Republicans.”
Rep. David Jolly (R-FL) said following the announcement, "The honor of John Boehner today is in sharp contrast to the idiocy of those in the conference who seek to divide us." He also condemned efforts to shut down government.
House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) made a statement on the announcement of Speaker Boehner’s resignation:
“Since I first came to Congress in 2007, John has been serving his constituents and his country with unparalleled passion. John has been a leader, mentor, and most of all friend throughout, and I learned not only from his experience but also from his unshakeable faith and principles. It takes profound humility to step down from a position of power, and John’s depth of character is unmatched.
“As our country has weathered difficult times at home and abroad, John has acted as a true statesman, always moving forward with the best interests of the American people close to his heart. He will be missed because there is simply no one else like him.
“Now is the time for our conference to focus on healing and unifying to face the challenges ahead and always do what is best for the American people.”



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