The only way that little Charlie Gard will live past tomorrow is if British bureaucrats take pity and release him to his loving parents. Currently, 11-month-old Charlie suffers from a rare genetic disease and has received care at the Great Ormond Street Hospital in London. Without official intervention, which has already been dismissed by British Prime Minister Theresa May, critical life support will be cut off at a time to be determined by doctors working in concert with bureaucrats.

Connie Yates and Chris Gard -- Charlie’s parents -- have raised over $1.7 million for his care and are asking for the hospital to release their son into their custody so that they can see experimental treatment for him, or see him die in their arms at home. Charlie’s plight has earned the attention of Pope Francis and President Donald Trump. Despite an offer of help from the Vatican’s Bambino Gesu hospital to receive the boy, as well as the possibility of treatment in America at free of charge, the British National Health Service has given no indication that its bureaucrats will allow Charlie to live.

“We’re not allowed to choose if our son lives and we’re not allowed to choose when or where Charlie dies,” Charlie’s parents wrote in a recent Facebook post.

Britain’s high court confirmed that Charlie must remain in Great Ormond Street Hospital and that he cannot be released to the custody of his parents. In this, the European Court of Human Rights was also agreed in denying parental rights. The National Health Service (NHS), Britain’s single-payer healthcare system, will not allow him to seek treatment elsewhere, even if it will not cost a penny.  When the European Court of Human Rights decided against Charlie’s parents’ rights, it gave proof that European and British bureaucrats believe themselves to be better at making personal decisions about the well-being of a child than his parents are.

President Donald Trump's rousing words in Warsaw, where he defended traditional Western values of faith, freedom, and culture, while warning that we cannot survive if we do not defend, were never more prescient at a time when not only Charlie Gard's life is endangered by socialism, but unwilling adults are being euthanized without their consent nearby in The Netherlands. 

While Great Ormond Street Hospital has said Charlie should “die with dignity,” and its officials do not believe there is any chance that treatment will save Charlie, officials have been silent as to why he cannot be released to his parents. Charlie is one of just 16 people in the world ever diagnosed with this rare mitochondrial depletion syndrome. In the United States, another boy was diagnosed with a very similar disease and has defied the odds. Now six years old, his parents were told that he had only two months to live. But Charlie Gard's life-span may now be only hours.

Whatever happened to common sense?

Charlie’s parents love him and have raised more than one million dollars for his care. They have the natural right to take of him, to take him home, or even take him to another country. The reason why the British government will not release Charlie to his parents should be a lesson to all Americans while they wrestle with what to do with health care reform in their own country.

It is easy to surmise that the real reason why the bureaucratic state in Britain does not wish to release Charlie from his confinement (dare I call it imprisonment?) is that by doing so it would thus establish precedence for parents to have the final authority over their children. The bond between parents themselves and their children is only surmounted by the bond between God and his human creatures.

These are bonds that are inimical to the socialist notions of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama who want to foist a single-payer system on the American people that would be managed by faceless bureaucrats in much the same way as is Britain’s National Health System.

In a socialist system, single-payer healthcare is provided by the government, which naturally means it is rationed and rationalized according to political expediency rather than moral and ethical norms. Ronald Reagan once warned that the quickest way to enslave a society under socialism is through the provision of socialized healthcare.

Under socialism, the government pays for everybody’s care and can deprive citizens of it if they should become too inconvenient, like Charlie Gard, or deemed to number among the “deplorables” that elitists such as Obama and Clinton determine must not be indulged the luxury of what has heretofore been considered a right to life.

Obamacare is crumbling, while Republicans dither over abolishing or reforming it. Within the Democratic Party and leftist circles, talk of a single-payer system has become more current. So it is that the fate of a defenseless baby boy thousands of miles away should give Americans pause and thus be wary of any move toward a single-payer system. If not, their lives and freedom are in jeopardy. 



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