A white woman who claimed she was black may face as many as 15 years in prison on charges of fraud and other offenses. Rachel Dolezal, who was a leader of an NAACP chapter is charged with three counts of welfare fraud, perjury, and making false claims to obtain public assistance. According to media reports, Dolezal received $8,747 in food assistance, as well as $100 in childcare assistance.

Dolezal legally changed her name to Nkechi Diallo after she told local media that even though she is white, she presents herself as black. In 2017, Dolezal asserted despite being “Caucasian biologically,” she believes she has “an authentic black identity.” She headed the Spokane chapter of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People in Washington State until June 2015. She resigned after her parents exposed her identity. Dolezal lost a position at a local university, and was dismissed from a police ombudsman commission.

Dolezal received public assistance after claiming that her income was normally less than $500 per month in child support payments. According to state officials, bank records showed a different story. Court documents showed that Dolezal deposited approximately $83,000 into her account in installments between August 2015 and September 2017, without reporting the income to the Department of Social and Health Services. The case file showed that the money came from the proceeds of her various speaking engagements, crafts, art work, and her book  ‘In Full Color.’



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