At the White House press briefing today, President Trump's spokesman Sean Spicer said that protesters who have been showing up at town hall meetings convened by Republican politicians are a "manufactured base" devised to grab “media attention.”
"I think some people are clearly upset, but there is a bit of professional protester, manufactured base in there," Spicer said today. "It is a loud, small group of people disrupting something in many cases for media attention, no offense. Just because they're loud doesn't necessarily mean there are many, and I think, in a lot of cases, that's what you're seeing."
While Spicer admitted that anxiety about health insurance may motivate some protesters, protesters are betraying a “false narrative" about Obamacare as well as confusion about how they would be affected by Republican repeal efforts. "I've seen some folks that were protesting saying, 'I'm on Obamacare, I'm going to lose my [coverage]' and when they were asked how old they were they were, 'oh, I'm 71, 72,'" he said. "Well, they're not on Obamacare. They're on Medicaid."
Spicer theorized that much of the protests would take place whether or not Trump and congressional Republicans tried to repeal the law. "In other cases, people aren't being told that the plan that they're on is unsustainable," he said. "The reality is that they are losing their healthcare. But they're losing it under Obamacare because the exchanges are collapsing on themselves, carriers are pulling out, premiums are going up, and access is going down. So the president's plan is actually going to do exactly what they were promised 8 years ago didn't get. So for those who are worried, the answer is: ‘Help is on the way.’”



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