Anglican clergy to strut on high-fashion catwalk

religion | May 05, 2012 | By Martin Barillas

An aging, formerly popular British singer, Cindy Kent, will strut for spectators at the upcoming ‘Clergy on the Catwalk’, to be held on May 9 at this year’s largest Christian Resources Exhibition in England. Rev. Kent (67) is also an ordained minister of the Anglican Church, which entitles her to being called a ‘priest’, unlike the Catholic Church which recognizes the ordination of men only. The exhibition is billed as the largest of its kind in Europe, being held annually. Some 10,000 exhibitors and spectators are expected.

Rev. Kent was once the lead singer of the British folk group known as The Settlers, which was known for its hit ‘The Lightning Tree.’ During her singing career, Rev. Kent worked with well-known singers such as Cliff Richard, Dusty Springfield and Roy Orbison. She was well known for her publicly avowed Christian faith, and later became an influential radio host on BBC national radio and Premier Christian Radio.

(The Settlers, back in the day)

While Rev. Kent serves as priest-in-residence at St. John the Apostle in north London, she will appear on the catwalk next week to show off innovations in clerical wear. Top textile designers such as Juliet Hemingray and Jacquie Binns are to show new and startling designs. For example, Rev. Kent will wear a ‘chasustole', which is a combination of the chasuble and stole  – a cloak and strip of decorated cloth, respectively, worn by Catholic priests during liturgies. According to Independent Catholic News, based in the UK, Rev. Kent said "It was made for me by Sister Carol of the Community of the Resurrection of Our Lord in Grahamstown, South Africa." Rev. Kent spoke of the good works performed by the nuns, "My church has strong links with the community and raises money each year for their Amasango School for Streetchildren. Sister Carol was Mother Superior some years ago and is very artistic. It's reversible - red to white - and beautifully embroidered. I'm pretty sure it's the only one in the UK." The Community of the Resurrection of Our Lord is part of the Anglican Communion.

Other female clergy will walk before spectators at the conference, including Rev. Marlene Greaves, who once studied fashion alongside famed designer John Galliano.  She serves with her husband, Pentecostal Bishop David Greaves at New Testament Assembly church in London. She has reportedly said that she believes “the best way to forget your troubles is to wear tight shoes.”  She is now developing liturgical dance wear for sale by this fall.

Exhibitors include Beracah Clothing, which is due to launch its Christian tee-shirts and tops “expressing love to both creator and created.”  The conference will be held at Sandown Park, a horseracing track and event center southwest of London inside the M25 motorway.  Exhibitors will be available with a number of different products and services, including vestments, leadership training, pilgrimages, pro-life,  music and publishing, and insurance.





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