In an extensive interview with Lou Dobbs of Fox News, President Donald Trump solicited suggestions for replacing current Federal Reserve chairperson Janet Yellen. It is believed that the president will name a successor soon. The president asked Dobbs, "Do you have a preference, out of curiosity," adding, "Tell me who your preference is."

When Dobbs appeared to hesitate, Trump interrupted him and said, "I'd love to hear it, you can even cut it out if you want."  Then, looking into the camera, the president said, "I only want that from people I respect." Dobbs responded, "I personally believe that Janet Yellen might be worth keeping."

Trump then spoke of a recent meeting he had with Yellen, and did not dismiss the possibility that he may reappoint her. Yellen is a liberal Democrat. Speaking of their conference this week, Trump said of Yellen, "She was very impressive, I like her a lot." Trump went on to say, "It's somebody that I am thinking about."

There are rumors in Washington that Trump is also considering Kevin Walsh -- former Fed governor and Morgan Stanley banker -- and Jerome Powell, a former private equity magnate now on the Fed's board. Others he is reportedly considering are Trump's economic adviser, Gary Cohn, and John Taylor, a former Treasury official under George W. Bush who has advocated for raising rates sooner and more quickly. Bloomberg News recently reported, however, that Cohn is now out of the race. He was critical of statements Trump made in August in the wake of a rally in Virginia that was marred by the vehicular homicide of a protester.



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