Richard A. Viguerie, a Catholic layman and activist in conservative political circles has harshly criticized the recent statement by the Vatican's Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace, "Towards Reforming the International Financial and Monetary Systems in the Context of Global Public Authority."

In an article on the website, Viguerie wrote that the Council for Justice and Peace "has long been a source of radical political thinking within the Catholic Church" and the new document "confirmed the radical Marxist economic agenda of the leftist intellectuals who hold sway there."

Viguerie wrote "Not only does it legitimize the various Occupy crowds, its criticism of capitalism goes beyond the Council's past commentary on economics to call for nothing less than the abolition of economic freedom and the establishment of a new world economic system managed by the United Nations.

"The plan, while couched in terms of a voluntary change for greater world good, would actually require that nations surrender their sovereignty to a new world body endowed with the authority to tax and manage all movement of capital between countries...

"Gone would be the constitutional protections of freedom, life, and property that Americans now enjoy."

Viguerie added in a statement that the implementation of the recommendations in the Vatican document would implement the "New World Order that has been the longtime goal of socialists and Marxists."

His complete article is online at

 Viguerie is considered one of the creators of the modern conservative movement in the U.S. for having developed the direct-mail approach to politics.



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