WCCO television news reported that there is “growing concern” that two brothers, Abdullah Alrifahe (27) and Majid Alrifahe (26), may have been planning a terrorist attack in Minneapolis. When they were arrested by local police on May 11, an arsenal was found in their vehicle that included a loaded AK-47 assault rifle, in addition to thousands of rounds of ammunition, a 9mm Smith & Wesson pistol, a grenade, a drone, and multiple electronic bomb-making devices. Majid Alrifahe has been released, but faces a misdemeanor charge, while Abdullah Alrifahe remains jailed and facing a felony weapons charge, pending a $200,000 bond. 
Both the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security are examining the case. Further charges against the two men are possible.
The two men were approached on May 11 by a local man because they had been throwing litter out of their car. The two brothers exited their care and were aggressive with him and called him a “n****r.” The witness decided to call police. When police and tried to quell the situation, one of the two Muslims confronted the officer. Concerned about their behavior, he asked to look in the trunk of their car. It was there that the arsenal was discovered.
Abdullah Alrifahe had recently been released from jail after serving a sentence or a weapons conviction. He is now facing a single felony weapons charge. The immigration status of the two brothers has not been reported.



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