Kenyan Christians fear further Muslim attacks

politics | Nov 29, 2014 | By Martin Barillas

Interfaith tensions have been piqued in Kenya were police have offered increased security ever since Somali Muslim Shabaab terrorists entered the country at murdered 28 people. It was on November 22 that the Muslim marauders entered Mandera County in northern Kenya and selected their victims according to their religious affiliation. When they could not recite a specified verse from the Koran, the terrorists then killed them.
Among those killed by the Muslims were teachers, physicians, and police officers.
Christians in Mandera have been afraid to attend worship services ever since the attack. Churches now have three police officers on hand to protect worshippers from Muslim attacks. Kenya is now conducting military operations against the Shabaab militants in Somalia. The government claims that at least 100 Shabaab militants have been killed recently. However, a spokesman for the Somalian terrorists disputed the claim.



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