Daily make-up routine makes acne-scarring picture perfect

world | Dec 06, 2011 | By Spero News

A California teenager, Cassandra Bankson, is just like her peers in wanting to present the best appearance to the world. For Cassandra, because of her severe acne, it takes diligence and a daily makeup routine to hide the unsightly red splotches and blemishes. What she has discovered has made her not only picture-picture, but has garnered work for her as a fashion model.

Every day, Cassandra wakes up, washes her face and does a makeup routine that dramatically transforms her. With patches of blemishes on her face and neck, she researched techniques and then put them into practice. A video she uploaded at YouTube demonstrating what she has learned has now had more than  than 2 million views.
"It's been overwhelming," she said to Diane Sawyer on Good Morning America about the YouTube responses. And about what she termed an "epidemic" of acne, she admitted that it is cosmetic "but it goes deeper than that. I think that's something that's a little bit of a misconception."
Cassandra emerges first on the video with her makeup on. Her skin looks natural. Then, by removing the cosmetics, she shows what lies beneath. Her face is covered in red acne spots.
She has a routine of applying foundation, concealer, powders and spray that make her look flawless. She notes that to hide a red pimple, she applies green concealer. Cassandra describes her reasons for uploading the video as a "passion" and "duty" to help others. "I hope this helps you if you guys have acne, or even if you don't have acne and you just want really pretty skin," she says at the end of the video.



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