The Public Interest Legal Foundation filed complaints in a Texas court that charge the Texas Democratic Party has been providing pre-filled voting applications to non-citizens where the box for citizens is checked "yes." The letter is marked “Urgent! Your voter registration deadline is October 9.” “Your voter registration application is inside. Complete, sign and return it today!” it goes on to say.

The questions: “Are you a United States Citizen?” and “Will you be 18 years of age on or before election day?” were already marked ‘Yes’ in each instance. 

On Thursday, PILF -- an advocacy law firm -- included a signed affidavit from a witness that several of his non-citizen relatives received the mailing. PILF informed the the U.S. Department of Justice and local district attorneys. 

According to PILF spokesman Logan Churchwell, "This is how the Texas Democratic Party is inviting foreign influence in an election in a federal election cycle." 

Responding to the news, Republican Gov. Gregg Abbott of Texas tweeted, "If true there will be serious consequences.” In addition, the office of the secretary of state of Texas confirmed that it has also received the relatives of deceased Texans and non-citizens who received the registration applications.

PILF presented complaints to authorities in the counties of Hidalgo and Starr, and demanded an investigation. It provided copies of pre-marked voter applications in addition to the affidavit in which the deponent attesting to receiving the registration application in the mail. Voters who received the applications may have been led to believe that they were official state communications because they were pre-addressed to elections officials. However, the State Democratic Executive Committee was listed in the return address, where the state Democratic Party’s headquarters is also housed.

Aside from one question indicating the form serves as a ‘new application,’ a pair of other questions has been pre-marked.

The questions – “Are you a United States Citizen?” and “Will you be 18 years of age on or before election day?” were already marked ‘Yes’ for each.

David C. Kifuri, who formerly worked for the 229th Judicial District Attorney of Texas, noted in his affidavit that “it is a crime to register to vote in Texas if you are a felon with an incomplete sentence or a non-U.S. citizen,” and thus exposes them to prosecution if they had unwittingly returned the mailers.




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