Robin Simcox, a Thatcher Fellow at the Heritage Foundation, dismissed allegations in an appearance on Fox News that the terrorist attack in Spain was a work of a copycat emulation of the incident in Charlottesville VA that resulted in the death of a protester. On Thursday, CNN’s Wolf Blitzer appeared to draw parallels between the Charlottesville incident and the attacks in Spain. The latter caused the deaths of 14 innocents, and injured dozens more.

Speaking to show host Tucker Carlson Fox , Simcox said on Thursday: “I find that really hard to believe, really. Jihadists have been carrying out these kinds of attacks way before Charlottesville. This year alone you’ve seen a truck being used in Stockholm and London, and before that you’ve seen Nice and Berlin. So I don’t find that really credible.”

Carlson responded, “Yeah, I found that ludicrous and I’m glad to have that confirmed.”

Simcox noted that European security forces have yet to find the way to prevent vehicular attacks. He added that since 2014, there have been over 150 ISIS-inspired terrorist attacks in Europe.

On the same program, Carlson spoke with British politician Nigel Farage. Carlson asked if Europe’s leaders will see if the terrorist attacks are connected. Farage, who led efforts to see the UK leave the EU, said that “There’s no realization at all. The fact, what happens is that they all stand up and say ‘We stand in solidarity with Barcelona or Brussels or Stockholm or Paris or London...and this is truly awful and we really have no understanding of why this is going on.’ And not once do we hear a single leader in Europe offer any policy solution whatsoever. They are still in denial. And I can only guess that it’s because they are so embarassed by the fact that they have caused this.”





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