Iran challenges Trump and US in new film

politics | Mar 02, 2017 | By Martin Barillas

Released in Iran, a full-length animated film has coincided with increasingly tense relations between the United States and the Islamic Republic. Film director Fahad Azima said it is remarkable the the release of the 88-minute animated feature has coincided with the appearance of a  "warmongering" president in the United States. Azima said the film depicts how the US military will fare in a war against Iran. He predicted that the US would face a “humiliating” defeat at the hands of Islamic Republic.
"Battle of Persian Gulf II" took four years to make. The opening scenes depict an attack by the US. Army on an Iranian nuclear reactor, while the US Navy in the Persian Gulf striking strategic locations across Iran. Azima assures that by the end of the film, the US ships are sunk and th Persian Gulf is like “an aquarium.” He sees the film as a response to “hundreds” of allegedly anti-Iranian films and games. 
Depicted in the film is main Iranian commander is Qassem Soleimani,commander of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards and leader of elite Quds Force, which is conducting military operations in Syria in support of the Assad regime. The film depicts Soleimani’s character leading just one ship against more than a dozen American warships. When an American officer orders Soleimani to surrdender or die, he retorts: "General, I am not a diplomat, I am a revolutionary!"
Iran, despite the break-through deal negotiated by the Obama administration that freed up considerable amounts of funds belonging to Iran that had been held in frozen accounts in the US. Iran continues to experiment with missiles. On Sunday, Iran conducted a successful test of its domestically-manufactured Valfajr torpedo system on the last day of two week-long naval drills. Trump also tested recently anti-ship missiles and cruise missiles. 



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