Baby parts for sale by Planned Parenthood

crime | Jul 14, 2015 | By Martin Barillas

According to a press release from Priests for Life, a prolife advocacy group, Planned Parenthood - which receives millions of dollars in taxpayer funding - is engaged in the sale of body parts of unborn children. The statement says that the evidence came about as a result of an undercover investigation by the Center for Medical Progress, and David Daleiden. The release said that Priests for Life first came to know of the sale of baby body parts in the late 1990's through a close collaboration with Mark Crutcher and Life Dynamics, which did the undercover work that first exposed this practice.

Photographs of body parts have been made available that are taken from order forms. According to Federal law,the sale of human organs and tissue for transplantation is prohibited. While the law is widely considered a total ban on the sale of all body parts, although it does not specifically address the conveyance of parts for medical education and research. Those parties who act as go-betweens, including organ recovery agencies, may charge for their work. Some are conscientious professionals who help provide research cadavers. However there are many who flout basic ethical practices. Some of the forms (see here)  revealed by the latest investigation request that there be no abnormalities. Many mistakenly think that abortions in later stages of pregnancy are performed only in cases of fetal abnormality.
Fetal tissue wholesalers are companies which place employees in abortion clinics to harvest tissue, limbs, organs, etc. from aborted babies. This material is then shipped to researchers working for universities, pharmaceutical companies and government agencies. 



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