Pope Francis condemns Communist crucifix from Bolivian president

religion | Jul 09, 2015 | By Martin Barillas

Having already had a triumphant and wildly applauded three-day visit to neighboring Ecuador, Pope Francis went to Bolivia. Soon after the pontiff arrived at the airport in the capital on July 8, President Evo Morales - a leftist who is proud of his native pre-Columbian background, presented Pope Francis with a crucifix attached to a hammer and sickle: the traditional symbol of atheist communism that binds together tokens of agriculture and industrial labor.
Obviously not amused by the gift, Pope Francis interrupted the president's remarks and audibly told Morales 'That's not right' in Spanish. 
Morales has been no stranger to controversial gestures and speech. In 2010, while speaking to a conference on global climate change, he asserted that eating chicken laced with hormones is responsible for the appearance of homosexuals in countries of the Northern Hemisphere.
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