Radio personality Rush Limbaugh said on Monday that Special Counsel Robert Mueller's Russia investigation is "fake." Limbaugh claimed that George Papadopoulos -- a former volunteer on the Trump campaign who was convicted for allegedly lying to the FBI -- was "entrapped" by the FBI after being told that the Russians had thousands of Hillary Clinton's emails. "Papadopoulos did not independently know this. He was fed this information," Limbaugh said.

On Fox News Channel’s “America’s Newsroom,” Rep. Andy Biggs (R-Ariz.) agreed with the radio host that Mueller’s probe is being done "for political purposes." Biggs added, "This is the scandal of our lifetime." Mueller’s investigation, according to the congressman, has ranged beyond its original intent. Calling the investigation a "conspiracy" and "corruption," Biggs agreed with Limbaugh that it was a setup. “We need to, in Congress, continue to subpoena people in ... We need to make sure that there's prosecutions done for people who have been corrupt,” he added.

Criticizing Mueller, Biggs said he believes that the former FBI director is aiming at President Trump while seeking to find crimes. "That's not the American way," he said.



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