A  Syrian man, who resides in Wisconsin and was granted asylum by the United States in 2016, sued over President Trump's travel ban last month. U.S. District Judge William Conley handed down a temporary restraining order this month that prohibited the Trump administration from enforcing the new executive order concerning immigration from six Muslim-majority countries specifically against the man's family.
Roman Ginzburg, an official at US Citizenship and Immigration Services, filed papers on March 17 that ordered American officials in Jordan, where the man’s wife and daughter would travel for visa interviews, to process their applications by March 28. Ginzburg also ordered that the office at the American consulate in Jordan to schedule interviews for no later than April 20 if the applications are in order. The woman and the daughter are currently in Iraq, near Aleppo, and must travel through Lebanon to reach their appointment in Jordan.
An earlier filing in the case noted that U.S. Sen. Tammy Baldwin (D-WI) had requested it. 
Attorney Vincent Levy, who is of counsel to the Syrian, agreed with the federal government to postpone a hearing on the temporary restraining order to a date after April 10. This allows the Trump administration to direct itself towards other challenges to the executive order on immigration. Hawaii and Maryland, for example, are currently blocking portions of the executive order. The administration argued last week that Judge Conley’s temporary restraining order is unnecessary because Trump’s executive order on travel ban is currently blocked and the Syrian man in question has not proven that it produced an impact on his applications. The Syrian has not revealed his real identity, supposedly out of concern for the safety of his wife and child. 
According to a spokesperson for Sen. Baldwin, the Wisconsin Democrat was happy to help.



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