A judge hearing a case in California recently moved that there is enough evidence to move forward in the trial of 35-year old Nathaniel Scheiern. Influenced by and influenced by Islam, Scheiern bludgeoned his grandparents to death after attending Christian services at Calvary Baptist Church in Glendale on June 24, 2015. They had taken him because he was “troubled.”
It is unclear whether or not Scheiern actually converted to Islam, it is clear that his Facebook page is full of praises to Allah, the god of Islam’s founder, Muhammed. One of these declarations of faith said (verbatim), “Ponder no [ more ] and bombs to cease [ unwise strikes of Believers ] on ( Allah’s children, women, and the Elderly and the young ) who fight but by Example in except concepts to for (God and God alone) guidence and spiritual growth. One love n respect.” 
Another said, “None in man’s wisdom can allow a [leader] to fall into the ways of those [ Secure ] in faith and full of patients lacking [ Allah ] and thus far from [ patience ] of (God) so the answer is up to free-will. And FREE I WILL (God willing) [His] Peoples Mind.”
“Rivers of punishment flow to [ advise ] for only God demands Praise.”
“Want Allah in All. !”
“Praise be to Allah who [ will ] in searing pain smite my enimies with haste … its not a race if quickness .but of [ Waste ] no more time in [ Staying ] pious and [ true ] in patiently waving.”
Scheiern was living in the Glendale, California, home of his foster grandparents. Police say that he attacked both of them with an axe and hammer. He is facing capital murder charges.
Last week, public defender Christina Behle suggested that her client had been sexually molested at a young age by his grandparents. Police said that her allegations were "unfounded."
When Scheiern's sister called and asked Glendale police to do a well-being check on her grandparents on July 28 of last year, police found a foul odor emanating from inside the home Scheiern shared with the elderly couple. Inside a bedroom, they found the carpet and walls were covered in dried blood. They also found two rotting bodies under a blanket on a twin-sized bed in that room. They were the mortal remains of Verna and William Scheiern, 82 and 77 years old, respectively.
Police also found a blood-caked hammer on the floor nearby, while they also found an axe propped against a wall, also caked with blood on the head and handle. They soon found  Nathaniel Scheiern to the Henry Mayo Newhall Hospital emergency room. There he was being treated for injuries sustained in an automobile accident that took place on June 25: the day after the killings.
As soon as he was released by the hospital, police moved to arrest him on suspicion of murder. Under questioning by the police in Glendale, Scheiern confessed to the murders and to their attempted beheading after church. 
During the questioning, Scheiern also reportedly said his grandfather had been "messing around with little kids." Glendale police investigated allegations in the 1990s that the grandfather had molested Nathaniel Scheiern. The allegations were unfounded.
In August 2014, Scheiern moved to Glendale from Colorado to live with the elderly couple, who had lived in Glendale for 20 years. Scheiern allegedly attacked his grandmother first and then directed his rage at his grandfather, killing them both.
He is facing a possible death penalty. He is currently jailed without bail.



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