Prostitutes in the Brazilian metropolis of  Belo Horizonte will receive English classes provided free of charge in order to better communicate with their johns during the upcoming 2014 World Cup. The Brazilian streetwalkers will also have a chance to practice their linguistic skills during the Confederations Soccer Cup to be held this year in June. Thousands of mostly male soccer fans are expected to descend on Brazil for these events, filling the pockets of local businesses and skin merchants.
Brazil is preparing for the 2014 World Cup, just as it is also getting ready for the 2016 Summer Olympics to be held at Rio de Janeiro. As part of the coming festivities, Belo Horizonte's prostitutes are lining up this month for free English classes that will be offered by the Association of Prostitutes. "Lots of businesses in the private sector are training their employees to become better qualified for the Cup This is a profession as well. English is very important to communicate with your customers. They need a specialized vocabulary, "said Cida Vieira, who chairs the prostitutes' guild.
Vieira said 20 prostitutes have already registered for classes, while she expressed the hope that at least 300 women to participate in once classes begin. The Association negotiates with English teachers to offer their services for free of charge in arrangements similar to those made with health professionals. The classes will last six to eight months. In Brazil, as in neighboring Argentina, prostitution of adults is legal even while brothels are illegal, as well as any profit-taking by third parties such as pimps. However, this seldom prevents criminals from capitalizing on the the exchanges between prostitutes and clients.



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