On Fox News, media veteran Geraldo Rivera said that President Barack Obama has “failed most profoundly in the area of race relations,” while saying that the president is only interested in race “when the African-American person is portrayed as the victim, whether it’s Trayvon Martin or Michael Brown or any of the others.” Moreover, he told host Sean Hannity and Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke, on November 3 that Obama “jumps in with the classic NAACP, ‘We are victims, woe is us, take care of this situation.’”
Rivera said that black-on-black violence is a bigger problem than police brutality. He continued, saying   “Yes, there is a terrible problem with police brutality,” and added, “But it pales in comparison to the ghetto civil war that’s going on, this black-on-black violence is not to be ignored, it’s not to be minimized.”
Obama, said Rivera, has “never seen the president get engaged when it’s an African-American killing another African-American or two gangs killing and an 8-year-old is killed in the crossfire.”
Outspoken Milwaukee Sheriff Clarke disagreed, saying that police brutality is “not a pervasive problem in America, Geraldo, you know better that.” Clarke said that Obama is “delusional” for asserting that race relations have improved during his tenure. “Race relations have always been tenuous in America,” Clarke said.
“Slavery and discrimination left an ugly scar on the soul of America, but that scar has been healing for years. President Obama came along with sandpaper, rubbed it raw and then poured salt on it to inflame it for political gain,” said Clarke.
Rivera wasn’t buying it, saying Clark’s views are “harsh.”
“Deal with it,” Clarke said.



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