The host of CNN’s morning show New Day, Don Lemon, interviewed Trump campaign spokesperson Katrina Pierson about the exchanges between Donald Trump and Sen. Ted Cruz about their respective wives, Heidi Cruz and Melania Trump.
When a political action committee issued a nude photograph of Melania Trump, which was taken while she was a fashion model, in advance of the Republican primary in Utah, Trump accused Cruz of approving its release. Cruz vehemently denied the accusation. The pair have been exchanging Twitter posts and accusations ever since, especially after Trump threatened to “spill the beans” about Heidi Cruz.
Katrina Pierson also became the subject of controversy after she denied that she is one of five women who supposedly had extra-marital sexual affairs with Cruz. The National Enquirer published an article on March 25 that alluded to affairs Cruz was alleged to have had. A pixelated photograph that was published in the supermarket tabloid appeared to resemble one of Pierson, who was once an advisor to Cruz’s 2012 Senate campaign.  See Spero News coverage here.
When host Lemon asked about the controversy, Pierson said “There’s only been on wife attacked this cycle. And that is Melania Trump.” She also asserted, “There’s no such thing as an attack on Heidi Cruz!” She added, “No one has attacked Heidi Cruz. Melania Trump has been attacked. Where has that headline been on CNN?”
Lemon responded, “I think you’re being very disingenuous about this.” He finished the segment, saying “Katrina Pierson, thank you very much, I appreciate it. I think it’s a very good spin that you’ve put on it, but it’s not necessarily the truth.”



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