Opponents of President-elect Donald Trump are planning huge demonstrations in Washington DC during the month of January. At least one large-scale protest by leftists and progressives is planned for January 20: Inauguration Day. Police are expecting tens of thousands of protesters in what could well become like the large-scale Occupy Wall Street protests and raucous anti-war protests of the last decade. 
Here are some major protests related to Donald Trump’s inauguration day.
January 14, 2017: We Shall Not Be Moved March  
Al Sharpton will lead a major protest at the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial on January 14, six days before the inauguration. Sharpton, who is a contributor to CNN, has long been a gadfly to Republicans and has made plain his opposition to Trump. And make no mistake. This march is all about Trump. Sharpton has been quoted as saying that the rally will seek to protect civil rights and voting rights for “people that have been excluded,” and also push for healthcare and equal opportunity for Americans. 
January 20, 2017: Protest Against Trump on Inauguration Day: Fight Racism, Defend Immigrants!  
Progressives from around the world will gather along the parade route on Pennsylvania Avenue on Inauguration Day, in addition to Trump’s supporters and other Americans.  Organizers from the  ANSWER (Act Now to Stop War & End Racism) Coalition are planning the protest and have described Trump as “a racist, sexist bigot.” It seeks to build a “mass movement that can truly change the country, and the world.” ANSWER was founded by the Workers World Party and has been active in anti-war protests since 2001. It has long called for amnesty for illegal aliens. While it is strongest in the Castro District of San Francisco, it is increasingly important in Los Angeles.
January 20, 2017: #DISRUPTJ20 
Leftist millionaire film-maker Michael Moore tweeted in December a call for his followers to disrupt the January 20 inauguration. He issued a link to #DISRUPTJ20, which is a protest that is mobilizing protesters. “Join us for a bold mobilization against the inauguration of Donald Trump,” stated the organization. Civil resistance, multiple marches, protests, direct action, and parties are being planned to be held in Washington during the inauguration. 
#DisruptJ20 group is providing housing for 1,000 participants and is coordinating with other groups for a day of protests it has dubbed "Operation Clusterf---". There are plans to block all of the major roads into Washington DC, especially from Virginia, promising to make traffic a nightmare and to also stop trains headed into the city. The group is emulating Black Lives Matter, which blocked highways and major streets in order to stop normal life and the functioning of cities, which the group asserts are intrinsic to racism.
The group also plans to keep people from attending by crowding around checkpoints leading to events. They will protest on issues ranging from Black Lives Matter to global warming. One technique being contemplated by #DisruptJ20 is an action known as the "sleeping dragon." The lockdown technique involves having two people insert their arms in PVC piping while another person chains or cements the inside, which means that removing the protests would break their arms. 
January 21, 2017: Women’s March on Washington  
On the day after the inauguration, a number of leftist and feminist groups will hold what had been originally billed as the “Million Women March on D.C.”  While the Women's March on Washington is not supposedly an anti-Trump protest, it will “let the country know” that feminists and those promoting identity politics are still “united and strong.” One of the organizers is Linda Sarsour, who describes herself as”a working woman, racial justice and civil rights activist, every Islamophobe’s worst nightmare, and mother of three,” as well as a “Palestinian Muslim American.” She endorsed Sen. Bernie Sanders in 2016 and received an award from the Obama administration. She is the president of the Arab American Association of New York. The women will march from the Capitol to the Lincoln Memorial. Similar protests are planned at all 50 state capitals, and in major cities.
 A Metropolitan Police Department spokesperson claimed that it is ready for Inauguration Day. At least 3,000 officers from other jurisdictions are expected to help out.
The refrain issuing from Democrats, leftists, and progressives is that Trump has no mandate to govern because his victory was secured by the Electoral College. Trump’s critics continue to repeat accusations that Trump has assaulted women and that he insulted Mexicans and immigrants. Accusations of racism have been lain against Trump’s choice for attorney general, Sen.Jeff Sessions, and repeated today by his Democrat colleagues on the Senate Judiciary Committee.
Anna Galland, the executive director of MoveOn.org, told the New Yorker in November, “I expect mass peaceful protests with hundreds of thousands of people, if not millions, around the Inauguration and in other moments.” This promise has been repeated by the leaders of progressive groups such as Center for American Progress, and identitarian organizations such as National Council of La Raza and the Mexican American Legal Defense Fund. Groups such as these are part of the network of organizations that will provide funds and followers to show up at the protests.
Progressives and leftists, disappointed by Hillary Clinton’s electoral loss, want to return to power in the executive branch. By organizing rallies and protests and other direct action, they seek to halt the reforms to be set into motion by Trump from the White House.



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