Applauding Donald Trump’s immigration speech, controversialist Ann Coulter said that she is pleased that her favorite candidate has not engaged in a “softening” of his immigration policy. Coulter, is the author of “In Trump We Trust: E Pluribus Awesome!” said in a Yahoo news interview, “I can’t stop smiling. Technically, I thought his speech was better than Churchill,” in reference to a Twitter post comparing Trump to famed orator Winston Churchill.
Regarding whether every illegal immigrant will be deported, Coulter answered, “Any law does not have 100 percent enforcement. Maybe you won’t catch all of them, but wow, we are talking about a pretty rapid deportation for, I don’t know, 60 to 80 percent of these.” Coulter said that the US military could be used defend the southern border and to build the wall that Trump has promised. She added that she supports the seizure of private property on which the wall would be built in the interest of national security.
Contending that the principle of eminent domain would not be involved in property seizure, Coulter said, “This isn’t to build a shopping mall. This is the responsibility of the commander in chief to protect the border.”
Coulter also addressed whether or not Congress would go along with Trump on funding the border security scheme he envisions. “A lot of what he plans to do doesn’t require very much from Congress. We already have a lot of money for the military and for the immigration enforcement service,” Coulter said.
Interviewer Stephanie Sy pushed her on whether funding intended for the military can be used for immigration control. Coulter answered, “You can use the military to build the wall. That’s a big part of it, and guarding the wall and making sure people are not coming into the country illegally is absolutely a military function; it’s been used before to construct things along our border. That is absolutely a military function, and that’s a huge chunk of the money needed to enforce our immigration laws for the first time.” Coulter added, “ICE already has a lot of money.”
“If Trump is elected president, as I think he will be, I think it will send a pretty strong message for what the American people want on this, and yes, I do think Congress will go along with him for this whole program or face losing their reelection.”
Coulter also wrestled with the oft-repeated statistic that there are 11 million illegal aliens in the country. Citing data obtained more than ten years ago, she said that investigative reporters came up with a figure closer to 20 million. The number of illegal aliens could actually be as high as 60 million, Coulter said.
Coulter was adamant that the United States should cease to be a “dumping ground” for the world’s criminals. Sy noted the case of China, which is among the countries refusing to accept the return of its own citizens. She said that there are a range of issues that the US must consider such as bilateral trade, China’s holding of US debt, and the denuclearization of North Korea. She asked whether these would be put at risk, and cause a "diplomatic spat," if the US under Trump should insist on repatriating Chinese. 
Coulter answered that laws on the books for repatriating criminals have not been enforced for “20 or 30 years,” and that the president has a number of different instruments at hand that have not been used to deport unwanted immigrants. As for China, Coulter said, “China is eating our lunch! They are making out like bandits” Likening the bilateral relationship to a lopsided baseball game that the US is losing, Coulter dismissed what she described as media contentions that China, or Mexico, would walk away from doing trade with the US should their citizens be repatriated.
As for separating families during deportation proceedings, Coulter said, “They’ll go together. That’s how the families stay together.” Coulter continued, “I’m sure the media will be fixating, as it has for 20 years, on the safety, comfort and security of the illegal aliens, but most of the neighborhoods where illegal aliens live in aren’t the ones where they’re doing the gardening and the maid service where the media live. They’re living out with the most vulnerable Americans, Hispanic Americans, black Americans, and they’re going to be happy to have their emergency rooms free again and have money for better schools and not have all the money go to English as a second language class.”



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